ODDBONG - Biodiversity

Every species is precious because it has a particular role in the ecosystem. That is why ODDB work for the conservation of biological diversity.

ODDB’s action in this field concern:

  • Fauna and flora census;
  • Biomonitoring of wildlife and its habitat;
  • The design and implementation of sustainable biodiversity conservation projects in collaboration with local populations.

Conservation and valorization of the white-thighed colobus at Kikélé

Birds’ diversity of Gnanhouizounmè in the Ouémé valley

Enhancing the conservation of the Red-bellied monkey in Gnanhouizounmè Ouémé valley

The objectives of the project are:

  • To study the white-thighed colobus community (population size, ecology, behavior ethnozoology and threats);
  • Conduct conservation education towards school children, adults and local authorities;
  • Promote and train ecotourism stakeholders;
  • To write with the stakeholders an action plan for the sustainable conservation of biodiversity in the Kikélé sacred forest.




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